What is change?

Change, Mysterious drone swarms, and a Yelp competitor turning the tables

In today’s issue:

  • Change

  • Mysterious drone warms

  • A Yelp competitor turning the tables

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What is change if not to be uncomfortable? Think of that feeling on the first day of school or the first day at a new job. Feeling nervous? Maybe scared? Excited? Definitely a little uncomfortable. It's something NEW — a change — a change for the better.

Some people seek this feeling out. Why? Every time you have that feeling, you are growing. You stop experiencing change; you stop growing.

Some people don't seek this feeling out. Actually, MOST people don't. It's hard. It's uncomfortable. But guess what? After you do the thing. After the bad feeling goes away. You feel great. No, you feel fucking fantastic. That feeling is EMPOWERING.

The hard part is:

You have to seek change out. Change does not find you, and if it does, it is not in the way you want.

Being comfortable is easy. It's, well, comfortable. Your mind and body like that feeling and deserve a break sometimes. But you should be doing one thing the next time you feel too comfy.

Plan for change.

How did you feel about this?

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Interesting Reads

  • U.S. Justice Dept. Sues Apple, Claiming iPhone Monopoly in Antitrust Case (The New York Times)

  • Mysterious Drones Swarmed Langley AFB For Weeks (The Warzone)

  • The United States has its first large offshore wind farm, with more to come (AP News)

  • The Driest Place on Earth (NASA)

  • ISP’s Landmark Piracy Liability Case Doesn’t Get a Do-Over in Appeals Court (TorrentFreak)

Cool Finds

  • deets

    • Travel recommendations, made easy. Create beautiful travel guides to share with friends and followers.

    • Deets seems to be creating more social Yelp while paying people who make the content, like reviews and guides. You can browse by city, although they only have a few, and look at everything you need to plan a trip. You can also create a trip and use Deets to plan it. I commend them for trying this, as it looks cool, but it will be hard to build a bridge over the Yelp and Trip Advisor moats.

  • feedle.world

    • A search engine for blogs and podcasts. Find what you are looking for across millions of blog posts and podcast episodes. Discover content creators you may not know about, all from a single RSS feed, solely based on your interests.

  • pixls.us

    • A selection of Free/Libre Open Source Software projects related to photography.

    • This is a website that curates tutorials and software for photography projects. It offers several alternatives to Adobe software, like darktable, which I use instead of Lightroom. Check it out if you want a free alternative to the creative software you are using now.

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