Your AI Girlfriend Is Harvesting Your Data

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OpenAI, flexing its rolodex of AI models, released Sora, their new text-to-video model. If you take a look at the example videos, they are stunningly good. Some AI funkiness is going on in the background of some of them, but it is a great start. MKBHD did an excellent overview of it and brings up a good point, where he says the model in its current state is the worst it will be. I also can't imagine how much computing power they will need for every minute of video, between generating it and the work the AI model needs to do. NVidia can hardly keep up as it is.

Ah, yes, the dawn of a new way to collect personal data. Advertisers would love to have data about someone's sex life or other personal matters. This information generally isn't accessible online for obvious reasons, but an AI girlfriend or boyfriend could get it out. These are like how VPN companies are now, where they are generally talked about as helping you stay private and safe online but are essentially owned by a marketing agencyHere is the original write-up Mozilla did on one of the popular ones, EVA AI, where they warn that "Privacy is not included with this product."

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Been playing Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. I highly recommend it, and it’s only $10.

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